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“Rick is an Artist!

Turn around times are shockingly fast.

I enjoy working from Rick’s plans because they are simple and easy to read.
From a builder’s perspective, everything that you need is there and you
don’t have to hunt for it.

Rick actually listens to his clients.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve
been building plans from other designer’s and clients say, “But I don’t want
that”.  Not with Rick, he draws a home based on what you want – not what he
thinks is right.”

Howard Goodman
Wing Ridge Construction, LLC
Pacific City, OR  97135

“Rick’s plans are the most clear plans I had worked with for a long time.

I became acquainted with Rick’s work back in the mid 90’s when I was doing a framing job for a local builder. His plans were the most clear plans I had worked with for a long time. They’re not cluttered with notes that aren’t pertinent to the job, which makes the job of the builder so much easier. Rick draws really practical plans.

As I grew my own construction business, I looked for Rick to draw the plans my clients needed. It was great when I found out that he lived within a couple of miles of me. Rick has a talent for making the house plans specific to the homeowner’s site and to this area in Oregon.Throughout the years of working with Rick, I’ve found his house plans to be accurate, with very few mistakes. If any problem comes up with the Plans Examiners, I get on the phone with Rick and we get it fixed. Even though Rick has moved to Enterprise, he’s still the guy I call to get house plans designed.

Georgi Cam
G Cam Ltd


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